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ePublishing Service

123Library ePublishing Service for Institutions and Corporations

Colleges, Universities, and Corporations often have a large amount of courses and internal documentation that is currently being copied and handed to students and staff, a process that requires photocopy equipment, staff time and logistic organisation.

123Library now proposes an e-publishing service that allows institutions to e-Publish their documents in a high-resolution e-Book format and to distribute their material remotely, providing their users with greater availability and flexibility of access.

For a small monthly fee, institutions can enjoy all the benefits of a branded eBook production and distribution platform, without having to undertake the cumbersome and risky development of a quality eBook website.

Thanks to 123Library e-binding tools, updating and re-arranging chapters of courses and of internal documentation can be done online with little time and effort.

The publication, update, and delivery of documents becomes simple, quick, and inexpensive.

1. Where will my documents be published?

Your e-documents will be published on, a website specialised in the delivery of academic and professional documents.

2. Will my documents remain private?

Yes, if you do not wish to sell your e-documents, they can be made private so that only authorised staff can see them.

Your staff can be authenticated through IP or proxy-server authentication for remote access, as well as with Referrer URL or username/password.

3. In which format will my e-documents be published?

Your e-Documents will be published in streaming, available through our online eReader that uses the best blend of the latest plugin-free web browser technology to deliver crisp images and a fluent, fast, and feature-rich reading experience on tablets and other hand-held devices as well as desktop computers.

Your e-Documents can also be downloaded by users in PDF format protected by Soft DRM.

4. In which format do I need to supply files to 123Library?

You will need ePDF files (Acrobat 1.4-compatible with embedded fonts and bookmarks for each chapter) and ONIX metadata.

5. What features will be offered to my users? e-documents reader offers a large range of "smart reading features" such as:

  • Full-text search tool
  • Full-screen mode
  • Clickable Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Print and Download

6. Will my staff be able to access our e-documents remotely?

Yes, if you have a proxy-server, your staff can be authenticated through your proxy-server. Alternatively, a single username and password can be supplied.

7. Can I get my own branding?

Yes, the branding can be changed into yours after the authentication of your users (example: after the user's IP address is recognised).

8. What is the reliability of the 123Library platform?

123Library has a Service Level Agreement with 99.95% reliability.

9. What support does 123Library offer?

123Library provides technical support and will ensure that your content remains accessible at all times. You will get a dedicated account manager as well as access to our technical team.

10. Can I sell my e-documents? does allow you to give third parties access to your e-documents. However, your e-documents are "private" and will not be visible on 123Library without proper authentication.

If you wish to actively market and sell your e-documents through your branded website, your should use the 123Library-powered CloudPublish service. This service will provide you with complete back-end facilities to create and manage your customers' accounts.

To find out more and to arrange a demonstration of the platform features, please contact us or call +44 203 0313 866.