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eBooks for corporate, healthcare, academic and professional libraries worldwide

123library is a universal e-book platform that works with every recent computer system or mobile devices. Our web-based eBook reader preserves the original formatting of the page as published in print, and gives you a clear and crisp image regardless of the complexity of the book. It is ideal for educational, academic and reference titles.

Rather than purchasing an expensive eBook reader that may rapidly become obsolete and will make you dependent on one eBook supplier, try our universal platform, and be sure that your computer or mobile device will always be suitable.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide libraries and corporations with great flexibility and innovative business models that best suit their needs. We offer great value for money, while remunerating publishers fairly and in full compliance with copyright laws and publishers' recommended pricing.

Libraries and Corporations

We offer libraries and corporations a choice of business models. Please contact us for details at

State of the art technical requirements

We comply with all major industry standards, and provide institutions with MARC 21 records or equivalent, and COUNTER compatible online statistics to allow you to monitor library usage. Please see our more detailed Technical Specification.

Why select for Libraries and Corporations?

  • Universal eBook reader compatible with all recent computers and mobile devices
  • Preserved formatting and excellent clarity for complex books with graphics and images
  • Industry standards compliance
  • Online ordering system
  • Online COUNTER compatible statistics
  • Online MARC records
  • Online Helpdesk
  • No minimum order
  • Choice of business model
  • Great flexibility

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