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Nutrition, Functional and Sensory Properties of Foods

Nutrition, Functional and Sensory Properties of Foods

Chi-Tang Ho | Cynthia Mussinan | Fereidoon Shahidi | Ellene Tratras Contis


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The link between nutrition, food and health is well established and the global interest in these areas generates new information every day. This book pulls together the latest research on flavour chemistry and nutritional and functional properties of food.

Topics covered in flavour chemistry begin with an overview of the analysis, occurrence and formation mechanism of furan, a food-borne carcinogen, then focuses on analysis of melamine, the uses of enzymes to modify flavours of wines and protein as a process flavour precursor and finally includes information on the volatile compounds in an array of food products and ingredients such as coriander, chamomile, saffron and dry fermented sausage.

Coverage in the nutritional and functional properties of food section is wide range and includes reviews of the hot topics such as the metabolism of dietary phenolic acids, the use of emulsions for the oral delivery of bioactive phytochemicals and the impact on epigenetics in cancer prevention.

Written by international experts in the field and edited to a high standard, this title will provide a unique reference for researchers and other professionals in the industry and academia, particularly those directly involved in food science.