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Full-Text Search

To conduct a search within the full text of every book in 123Library (or alternatively, all of the books to which your institution is subscribed), expand the “Advanced Search” section on the homepage, then select “Full Text Search” just below the main search terms box.

For best results, please be specific by adding extra terms, as the search engine will rank results by how closely they match your results.

It works by looking for those terms on pages of books, so if all of your terms are mentioned on a specific page, that page will rank more highly than a page that only mentions one term.

Use the “Availability” option to restrict to your institution's subscriptions only. Please note, however, that this option is not available if your institution has a very large number of subscriptions.

Search times can vary according to how common your search terms are; very rare terms will match quickly, however queries comprised of common words will take a bit longer.

From the search results, you have the option to open the book directly at the matched page (if you have a subscription to the book), or to view the eBook details page for that book.

The search results will show a section of the text from the matching page so that you can judge the relevance of the match first for yourself.

When you click on a link to “Page X”, the online eReader will open in a new window, preserving your search results in the original window.