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The Molecular Basis of Electron Transport

The Molecular Basis of Electron Transport

J Schultz


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The Molecular Basis of Electron Transport presents the proceedings of the Miami Winter Symposia, held in Miami, Florida, on January 13–14, 1972. This book focuses on the development of the mitochondrial electron transport system by a symbiotic relationship of some bacteria with the cell.
Comprised of 15 chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the structure and function of mitochondria. This book then explains all of the major categories of mitochondrial phenomena and provides the detailed molecular mechanism for mitochondrial energy coupling. Other chapters discuss the five postulates of the electromechanochemical model, including the super molecule concept, the principle of electromechanochemical energy transduction, conformon coupling, field-induced generation of the linkage system, and the de facto unit of mitochondrial control. Finally, the reader is introduced to the liver microsomal enzyme system, which catalyzes the hydroxylation of a variety of drugs, hydrocarbons, and fatty acids.
Biologists, molecular biologists, and biochemists will find this book extremely useful.