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Modified Cellulosics

Modified Cellulosics

Roger Rowell


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Modified Cellulosics is a result of the proceedings of a symposium held in Chicago, Illinois, on August 29-September 1, 1977, organized by the Textile Division of the American Chemical Society. The said symposium is about cellulose modification.
The book serves as a basic reference to past studies and a stepping-off point, as it includes a collection of studies about the kinds of cellulose and its applications. The studies are divided into five parts, wherein Part 1 is an introduction to the topic that consists of two award addresses; Part 2 is an overview of cellulose sources and the reaction of cellulose on modification. Part 3 explains cellulose accessibility and reactivity, and Part 4 discusses cellulose modification by grafting techniques. Part 5 covers general cellulose modification reactions.
The text is recommended for those in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering who want to know more about cellulose and its modifications or make a study about the subject.