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Higher Excited States of Polyatomic Molecules

Higher Excited States of Polyatomic Molecules

Melvin Robin


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Higher Excited States of Polyatomic Molecules, Volume I focuses on the spectra in the vacuum-ultraviolet region between 50,000 and 100,000 cm-1. This book explores the higher excitations in molecules beyond 50,000 cm-1.
Organized into three chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the excited-state properties of a molecule and the excited-state ionization potential. This book then proceeds with a discussion of the original classification of the properties as well as the types of excitations observed in the vacuum-ultraviolet. Other chapters discuss photoelectron spectroscopy, which is an independent, self-sustaining branch of molecular spectroscopy. This text examines as well the distinction between valence shell and Rydberg excitations. The final chapter deals with several topics, including the saturated molecules that are classified as having all valence electrons, the alkene absorption spectra, and the spectroscopic data on boron compounds.
Analytical chemists, photochemists, molecular spectroscopists, and researchers will find this book extremely useful.