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Organic reactive intermediates

Organic reactive intermediates

Samuel McManus


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Organic Chemistry: A Series of Monographs, Volume 26: Organic Reactive Intermediates focuses on the study of reactive intermediates.
This book discusses the methods of formation and investigation, factors affecting the stability, and reactions of the intermediate.
Other topics include the formation and reaction of free radicals; kinetic aspects of free-radical chain reactions; electronic states and structures of carbenes; and formation of transient carbenes and carbenoids in solution. The intermediacy of nitrenes in reactions; electronic structure and spectra; methods of investigating carbonium ions; and reactions of carbonium ions are also elaborated. This publication likewise covers the preparation of carbanions; factors affecting the stability of carbanions; reactions involving radical ions; and methods of investigating arynes.
This volume serves as a textbook for the first graduate-level course, as well as a reference for industrial chemists interested in organic reaction mechanisms.