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Neuropsychology of Left-Handedness

Neuropsychology of Left-Handedness

Jeannine Herron


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Neuropsychology of Left-Handedness focuses on the neurological imperative and unique brain organization of left-handers.
This book is organized into two parts. Part I analyzes ideas about the origins of left-handedness, such as possible genetic mechanisms, manner in which asymmetries may occur during the first cell cleavages following fertilization, handedness of twins, and possibility that some left-handedness may be due to environmental or even pathological influences. The second part is devoted to a variety of investigations of asymmetric hemisphere specialization in right- and left-handers. The different groups of left-handers, which includes male and female, strong left-preferrers and ambidexters, familial and non-familial lefthanders, and those who prefer an “inverted” position for writing as opposed to a “non-inverted” position, are also identified.
This publication is a good reference for medical practitioners and specialists interested in the neuropsychology of left-handedness.