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Alkali Halide Vapors

Alkali Halide Vapors

P. Davidovits


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Alkali Halide Vapors: Structure, Spectra, and Reaction Dynamics highlights the various studies done in the subject area of alkali halide chemistry. These studies have resulted to providing many relevant insights and paving the way for the study of more complex chemical systems. This book ultimately reviews and summarizes the said studies.
This text is divided into two categories: structural and spectral properties of the alkali halide molecules and dynamics of various alkali atom-halogen reactions. The first category is discussed in Chapters 1, 3-5, and 15, while the second category is presented in Chapters 6-14. Chapter 2 however belongs to neither of the said categories as it describes the techniques and considerations related to alkali halogen experiments. Numerous quantitative data in table format are presented all of the discussions in this book. An index of these tables has been compiled and can be found in the last part of the book.
This book will be a valuable material to students, scientists, and researchers in the scientific field of chemistry, physics, and applied science.