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Phase Diagrams 6-II

Phase Diagrams 6-II

Allen Alper


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Phase Diagrams: Materials Science and Technology, Volume II covers the use of phase diagrams in metals, refractories, ceramics, and cements.
Divided into 10 chapters, this volume first describes the main features of phase diagrams representing systems in which the oxygen pressure is an important parameter, starting with binary systems and proceeding toward the more complicated ternary and quaternary systems. The subsequent chapters discuss the application of phase diagrams in several refractory systems. A chapter covers the procedures used for cement production and some of the available phase-equilibrium data and their application to specific situations. This volume also deals with the application of phase diagrams to extraction metallurgy, with an emphasis on oxide systems, as well as in ceramic and metal sintering. The concluding chapters explore the relationship of heat treatment of metals and alloys to their phase diagrams. These chapters also deal with the use of phase diagrams in several techniques of joining metals, such as fusion welding, brazing, solid-state bonding, and soldering.
This volume will be useful to all scientists, engineers, and materials science students who are investigating and developing materials, as well as to the end users of the materials.