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Handbook of Advanced Ceramics

Handbook of Advanced Ceramics

Shigeyuki Somiya


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This new handbook will be an essential resource for ceramicists. It includes contributions from leading researchers around the world and includes sections on Basic Science of Advanced Ceramics, Functional Ceramics (electro-ceramics and optoelectro-ceramics) and engineering ceramics.

  • Contributions from more than 50 leading researchers from around the world
  • Covers basic science of advanced ceramics, functional ceramics (electro-ceramics and optoelectro-ceramics), and engineering ceramics
  • Approximately 750 illustrations

"This handbook contains extensive amounts of data and property information on a broad range of advanced ceramic materials along with a variety of applications.  It is primarily a handbook for those working with new cutting edge ceramic materials and processing technologies rather than traditional ceramics, since its focus is on certain types of non-traditional materials."--IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, March-April 2014 "Coverage encompasses methods for characterization; carbons, non-oxide ceramics; ceramics related to energy generation and storage, optical applications, bio- and medical applications, combustion engine parts, and fracture mechanics; the science and technology of coating; and processing and related materials."--Reference & Research Book News, October 2013