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Sequence Analysis in Molecular Biology

Sequence Analysis in Molecular Biology

Gunnar Von Heijne


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Sequence Analysis in Molecular Biology: Treasure Trove or Trivial Pursuit presents the methods for sequence analysis of DNA and proteins. This book contains eight chapters that consider the sequence analysis either directly on a microcomputer or using one of the main sequence/programs data banks.
This book starts with a description of the main nucleic acid and protein sequence data banks, followed by a short section on the ""housekeeping aids"" that the computer can provide during a sequencing project. Chapters 4 and 5 deal with nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis. Chapter 6 treats algorithms for homology searching and sequence alignments. Chapter 7 presents some selected examples of how computer modeling can help decide whether an observed sequence pattern is significant or not, and how computer simulation is sometimes used to get a feeling for the behavior of intrinsically complex sequence-dependent processes. Chapter 8 contains some comments on the role of theoretical sequence analysis in molecular biology.
This book is directed toward molecular biologists.