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The Plasma Proteins V5

The Plasma Proteins V5

Frank Putnam


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The Plasma Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetic Control, Second Edition, Volume V explores the contribution of molecular biology and gene cloning approaches to the advancement of plasma protein structure, function, and genomic organization studies.

This volume is composed of five chapters and begins with a discussion on the DNA sequences and chromosomal location of plasma protein genes, specifically the cloning and sequencing of immunoglobulin genes. These topics are followed by a discussion on the advances in relation to discovered genetic variants present either as normal phenotypes or in dyslipoproteinemic states associated with cardiovascular disease. A chapter highlights the application of molecular biology techniques to the study of gene structure and the translational and maturation steps of every major plasma apolipoprotein. Another chapter emphasizes the unique features of protein structure and the conformational changes that characterize the assembly of macromolecular complexes in plasma and on cell surfaces. The concluding chapter provides a comprehensive review of the integration of molecular biology, physiology, and pathology of plasma proteins and their response in inflammation.
This book will be of great value to molecular biologists, physiologists, pathologists, and clinicians.