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Drugs and the Cell Cycle

Drugs and the Cell Cycle

A Zimmerman


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Drugs and the Cell Cycle provides an introduction to fundamental principles and studies on the mechanisms of drug action on proliferating cells. The book is intended to reduce the time lag between observation and practical application.

Comprised of 10 chapters, the book describes the plant alkaloids, alkylating agents, mercurials, adrenergic agents, radiomimetics, narcotics, hallucinogens, mitogens, hepatotoxins, antiobiotics, and antimetabolites of various types. The text also emphasizes the drugs used in cancer chemotherapy, and the in vitro and in vivo cell systems of bacteria, protozoa, sea urchins, and mammals. The concepts are presented with comprehensive illustrations and tables to help readers obtain more efficient understanding and learning.

The information and concepts presented in this volume will be of great interest to scientists and students in many disciplines, including physiology, pharmacology, and oncology, as well as cellular, molecular, and developmental biology. The book will also fill the gap between drug experimental observations and their potential relevance to man.