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Subnuclear Phenomena Part A

Subnuclear Phenomena Part A

A Zichichi


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Subnuclear Phenomena, Part A is the first part of the compilation of the proceedings of the seventh Course of the International School of Physics, held in July 1969 in Erice, Italy. The said program is focused on the analyticity and algebraic properties in particle physics.
Topics covered in the book include inelastic electron scattering; multiperipheral dynamics; duality and exchange degeneracy; anomalies of currents in Spinor field theories; the quark model and its developments; and the Efimov-Fradkin method in nonlinear field theory. The book also covers other areas such as the normalization of the wave function; causality and relativity; and the Feynman-Wheeler electrodynamics.
The text is recommended for physicists, especially those interested in the further study of particle physics.