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Intracellular Transport

Intracellular Transport

Katherine Brehme Warren


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Intracellular Transport, Volume 5 brings together a seemingly disparate group of scientists who offer their perspectives on the processes of and mechanisms underlying intracellular transport.
Organized into 14 chapters, this volume begins with a review of some of the viewpoints about membrane structure and the unit membrane concept, including the so-called pauci-molecular theory of cell membrane structure advanced by Danielli and Davson. The next chapters focus on intracellular potentials, the localization of adenine nucleoside phosphatase activity, pinocytosis in amoeba, the brush border of cells, and the transport of gamma-aminobutyric acid. The reader is also introduced to pattern and rhythm; diffusion and reaction coupling; compartmental analysis and residence time distributions; and parametric pumping. The remaining chapters explore intracellular transport fluxes; theoretical aspects of permeability transport; rotating helices and contractile mechanisms; and the movements of cell membranes.
This book is a valuable source of information for cellular biologists concerned with nature's evolved processing plants and engineers involved in the analysis and design of chemical processing plants.