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Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry

Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry

Milton Kerker


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Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry is a collection of papers presented at the American Chemical Society Kendall Award Symposium honoring Professor Milton Kerker, held in Los Angeles, California, on March 28-April 2, 1971. Contributors focus on the physical chemistry of aerosols and their relationship to atmospheric chemistry. Topics covered range from the optical and dynamical properties of aerosols to the kinetics of growth of an aerosol in a flow reactor. The formation and chemical reactions of atmospheric particles are also discussed.
This book is comprised of 30 chapters and begins with an overview of some of the optical and dynamical properties of aerosols, along with the preparation of submicron aerosols by condensation. The discussion then turns to the formation and properties of neutral ultrafine particles and small ions conditioned by gaseous impurities of the air; preparation of ultrafine metal oxide particles in a hydrogen-oxygen flame; production of aerosols by X-rays; and condensational growth of atmospheric aerosols. A comparison of synthetic and smog aerosols is also presented. The final section is devoted to the Los Angeles (Pasadena) Smog Project—its genesis, objectives, and scope—and provides a detailed description of the Minnesota Aerosol Analyzing System used in the project.
This monograph will be a useful resource for chemists as well as students and researchers interested in aerosol and atmospheric chemistry.