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Viruses and Environment

Viruses and Environment

Edouard Kurstak


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Viruses and Environment contains the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Comparative Virology, held at Mont Gabriel, Quebec, Canada on May 1977. The primary focus of the conference is the ecology of viruses, that is, the interrelationships between organisms and their environment.
Organized into seven parts with a total of 33 chapters, this book centers on the impact of viruses on the environment; the persistent virus infections of man, vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and plants; and the smallest disease agents, the viroids. In particular, this book describes the reservoirs of viruses, such as arthropod vectors, water, cultivated plants, and wild animals; safety considerations concerning the use of live virus vaccines; and the viral insecticides. The use of bacterial viruses in genetic engineering is also addressed.
This treatise will be valuable to research workers in medical and biomedical fields; biological control; and animal and plant quarantine. It will also benefit the university teachers and graduate students.