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Sulfur in Proteins

Sulfur in Proteins

Reinhold Benesch


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Sulfur in Proteins is a collection of papers presented at the 1958 Symposium on Sulfur in Proteins, held in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The symposium primary aims to explore the varied and unusual roles of –S–S– and –SH groups in proteins.
This book is organized into eight chapters that cover a wide variety of proteins, including serum, iron, copper, and muscle proteins, as well as enzymes and viruses. The opening chapter describes the various protein reactions involving sulfur, emphasizing the chemical modification of thiol and disulfide groups. Considerable chapters are devoted to the chemical properties, biogenesis, reactivity, and oxygenation of specific proteins. A chapter highlights some aspects of protein structure in relation to the role of –S–S– and –SH groups in enzymic catalysis. This chapter also describes the properties of sulfhydryl groups in yeast alcohol dehydrogenase. The final chapters examine the role of sulfur groups in several virus proteins and in cell division.
This work will be of great value to protein scientists and researchers.