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Hadrons and Their Interactions

Hadrons and Their Interactions

A Zichichi


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Hadrons and Their Interactions: Current and Field Algebra, Soft Pions, Supermultiplets, and Related Topics focuses on formulas, principles, and interactions involved in the study of physics. The compilation contains the papers presented at the ""Ettore Majorana,"" held in Erice on July 1-14, 1967.
Divided into three parts with 22 chapters, the compilation focuses first on lectures on soft pions; the method of phenomenological lagrangians and algebra of fields; and radiative corrections to beta decay and the structure of hadrons. The second part focuses on seminars. The areas covered include a review of coherent production in strong interactions; spontaneous breakdown and the weak interaction angle; and the symmetries of the S-matrix. The concluding part also focuses on lectures, including lectures on the present status of the fundamental interactions; a pedagogical exercise in binning and resolution; and the pomeranchuk affair and twisting trajectories.
The compilation is a valuable source of data for readers and physicists wanting to explore the interactions of hadrons.