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Inulin and Inulin-containing Crops

Inulin and Inulin-containing Crops

A. Fuchs


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The topics dealt with in this book cover a broad range of disciplines, such as agronomy and processing; analysis; chemistry and non-food applications; biochemistry; microbiology and molecular biology; and food and medical applications. Although emphasis is put on inulin and inulin-containing crops, the scope of the book is much wider, encompassing other fructans and fructan-containing plants, and even microorganisms producing and/or degrading fructans. It also deals with the possibiltiy of inulin-containing crops as alternatives in agricultural practice.

This volume is recommended to those working in such diverse fields as agronomy and process technology, food science, analytical and organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology and molecular biology, and medical sciences, as well as to industries involved in the research and development of carbohydrate-based novel chemicals.