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Reliability Analysis and Prediction

Reliability Analysis and Prediction

K.B. Misra


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This book equips the reader with a compact information source on all the most recent methodological tools available in the area of reliability prediction and analysis.
Topics covered include reliability mathematics, organisation and analysis of data, reliability modelling and system reliability evaluation techniques. Environmental factors and stresses are taken into account in computing the reliability of the involved components. The limitations of models, methods, procedures, algorithms and programmes are outlined. The treatment of maintained systems is designed to aid the worker in analysing systems with more realistic and practical assumptions. Fault tree analysis is also extensively discussed, incorporating recent developments. Examples and illustrations support the reader in the solving of problems in his own area of research. The chapters provide a logical and graded presentation of the subject matter bearing in mind the difficulties of a beginner, whilst bridging the information gap for the more experienced reader. The work will be of considerable interest to engineers working in various industries, research organizations, particularly in defence, nuclear, chemical, space or communications. It will also be an indispensable study aid for serious-minded students and teachers.
...the coverage is the most comprehensive of any book yet covers every aspect of reliability in the widest possible field.
Microelectronics and Reliability
... the book of K.B. Misra who is an internationally leading specialist in reliability engineering, is an outstanding and up to now surely the most comprehensive text on the subject, and will find numerous satisfied readers.
It should be on every engineer's bookshelf.
Current Science
... this book is an authentic and outstanding piece of work of high utilitarian value and constitutes a most comprehensive state-of-art text book in the field of Reliability Analysis in the decade of 1990's.
International Journal of General Systems