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Receptors and Hormone Action

Receptors and Hormone Action

Bert W. O'Malley | Lutz Birnbaumer


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Receptors and Hormone Action, Volume 1, provides an overview of the state of knowledge in hormone action. This book describes basic methodologies and model systems used in the exploration of the molecular bases of hormone action. The chapters present not only a rather extensive description of hormone receptors and their properties, but also basic aspects of structure and function of chromatin and membranes, the sites at which hormones and their receptors exert their action. The receptors discussed include soluble cytoplasmic and nuclear receptors for steroid hormones and vitamins, membrane-bound receptors for protein hormones and biogenic amines, and nuclear receptors for thyroid hormones. Receptor types are also covered in view of the large body of literature accumulated on the various functions of these fascinating but elusive molecules. This book is intended for a broad spectrum of readers, including those who have not yet worked in the field as well as those who have considerable expertise in one or another aspect of hormone action.