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Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products

Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products

Clarence Jr. Karr


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Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products, Volume I presents the analytical problems and methods for coal and its numerous products. This book discusses the technological importance of the measurement of the physical properties of coal.
Organized into four parts encompassing 19 chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the petrographic analysis of coal wherein it involves two distinctive methods, namely, the reflected light and the transmitted light techniques. This text then discusses the means and methods of reflectance determination and proceeds to outline some of the results obtained and conclusions derived from them about the nature of coal. Other chapters explain the mechanical properties of coal, which are measured in order to predict its behavior in coal mines, coal winning, coal storage, coal comminution, coal handling, briquetting and agglomeration, and several other situations. The final chapter deals with the characterization of the liquid products of coal conversion.
This book is a valuable resource for engineers, scientists, chemists, and researchers.