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The Circulating Platelet

The Circulating Platelet

Shirley A. Johnson


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The Circulating Platelet focuses on the biochemistry and physiology of platelets.
Composed of contributions of authors, the compilation starts with the discussions on the origin, discovery, production, and life span of blood platelets. The discussions continue with the morphology of platelets. Concerns include peripheral, sol-gel, and organelle zones and the membrane systems. The book also looks at the energy metabolism of thrombocytes and highlights the presence of glycoproteins in blood platelets. These include polysaccharides, glucosaminoglycans, and glycoproteins. The text also discusses the properties, functions, and the physiological value of thrombosthenin.
The compilation further discusses platelet aggregation and functions of platelets. Concerns include collection and processing of platelets; preparation of homogenates; and the agents that influence platelet aggregation. The role of platelets in blood clots and fibrinolysis is emphasized. The selection ends with discussions on the immunological reactions of platelets; the clinical diseases related to blood platelets; and blood transfusion and preservation.
The text is vital for researchers interested in studying blood platelets.