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Mathematical Methods XIA

Mathematical Methods XIA

Douglas Henderson


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Physical Chemistry: An Advanced Treatise: Mathematical Methods, Volume XIA, is devoted to mathematical techniques of interest to chemists. The purpose of this treatise is to present a comprehensive treatment of physical chemistry for advanced students and investigators in a reasonably small number of volumes. An attempt has been made to include all important topics in physical chemistry together with borderline subjects which are of particular interest and importance.
The book begins with discussions of elementary concepts such as linear vector spaces; generalized function theory; complex variable theory; boundary-value problems; approximating functions and their applications in numerical differentiation, integration, and the solution of differential equations; and group theory. These are followed by more advanced and specialized chapters that emphasize chemical applications rather than mathematical rigor.
This book provides the student of physical chemistry with a basic understanding of those additional mathematical techniques which are important in chemistry and should enable him to read the current literature in theoretical chemistry.