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Glass Science

Glass Science

Wilhelm Eitel


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Silicate Science, Volume VII: Glass Science reviews the advances made in silicate research from 1960 through 1970, with emphasis on glass science. Although much of the discussion is still based on the classic physical chemistry theories, an attempt is made to introduce the essential solid-state physics principles and to show how they can be applied to non-crystalline solids. The properties of many diverse vitreous materials are presented.
Comprised of seven chapters, this volume begins with an overview of glass-forming elements and their compounds, paying particular attention to their general character as glass-forming phases. The properties of of chalcogenide glasses and non-silicate oxide glasses are also discussed. The next chapters focus on the viscosity of molten glass; the electrolytic conductivity of silicates; the specific volumina of glass melts; and specific applications of infrared spectroscopy to solving structure problems. The physical properties of glass, varied by thermal actions in the transformation and annealing ranges, are considered as well. The final chapter is devoted to miscellaneous additional constitution problems, with particular reference to the volatilization of lead silicate glasses from glass melts and vitreous semiconductors of chalcogenide glasses.
This book will be of interest to mineralogists and crystallographers.