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Metabolism and Growth

Metabolism and Growth

Talbot Waterman


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The Physiology of Crustacea, Volume I: Metabolism and Growth deals with the physiological aspects of metabolism and growth in hundreds of species and higher taxa of Crustacea. The book explores processes related to the morphology and development of crustaceans, from blood chemistry to feeding and nutrition, digestion, excretion, molting, autotomy, and regeneration.
This volume is organized into 17 chapters and begins with an overview of crustacean biology and systematics as well as ontogeny and phylogeny. The book then discusses the metabolic requirements of crustacean respiration, the mechanisms of gas exchange, and respiratory transport. The next chapters focus on the biochemistry of animal pigments such as hemoglobin and melanin and the crustacean blood chemistry, blood flow, heart function, feeding mechanisms, and vitamin contents. The book also discusses the digestive system of crustaceans, along with osmotic and ionic regulation; the excretory system; the link between ecology and metabolism; and sex differentiation in Crustacea.
This book is written primarily for biologists, physiologists, and zoologists, as well as advanced students and research workers who are interested in problems of comparative physiology.