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Glucuronic Acid Free and Combined

Glucuronic Acid Free and Combined

Geoffrey Dutton


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Glucuronic Acid Free and Combined: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Medicine focuses on the study of glucuronic acid, particularly its physiological role in different fields.
Divided into three parts with nine chapters, the book contains the literature of authors who have incessantly conducted research on this kind of acid. The book starts with the discussion on the chemistry of free glucuronic acid and its derivatives, and then discusses the nature, characteristics, and properties of glucuronides and other known conjugates. The next part presents the occurrence and chemistry of glucuronic acid incorporated in animal, plant, and bacterial polysaccharides. This presentation is followed by the discussions on the biosynthesis of glucuronic acid as UDPglucuronic acid and its relationship with simple glucuronides. A summary of information of the enzymic hydrolysis of conjugates is then presented.
The succeeding chapters deal with the entry of glucuronic acid into general carbohydrate metabolism; the incorporation of glucuronic acid with the polysaccharides of living tissues; the pharmacological implications of glucuronic acid in drug detoxification; and the isolation and identification of steroid glucuronides.
The book is a primary source of data for readers interested in studying the nature, composition, functions, and uses of glucuronic acid.