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The Physiology of The Eye

The Physiology of The Eye

Hugh Davson


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The Physiology of the Eye, Third Edition reviews major advances in the physiology of the eye, including improvements in photochemical and electrophysiological techniques. In particular, the successful application of modern microelectrode techniques to the recording of activity at all stages in the visual pathway is considered.
This edition is organized into five sections and begins with an overview of the vegetative physiology and biochemistry of the eye, emphasizing the aqueous humor and the intraocular pressure, the vitreous body, cornea, and lens. The following chapters discuss the mechanism of vision, including the electrophysiology of the retina, and some fundamental principles of ocular physiology. An account of the important advances made possible by the application of modern methods to the analysis of the eye movements, pupillary function, and so on is also given. The remaining sections focus on the theoretical and practical foundation laid by the work of classical research workers in the realm of physiological optics.
This book is intended for students and researchers in fields ranging from ocular science to physiology and biochemistry.