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Thermal Analysis V2

Thermal Analysis V2

Robert F. Jr. Schwenker


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Thermal Analysis, Volume 2: Inorganic Materials and Physical Chemistry covers the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Thermal Analysis, held in Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts on August 18-23, 1968. This symposium surveys the various methods and applications of thermal analysis, as well as the distribution of various aspects of thermal analysis in different countries.
This book is organized into four sections encompassing 51 chapters, and begins with discussion on the application of differential thermal analysis to metallurgical inorganic materials and reactions for industrial process optimization. These topics are followed by a consideration of other techniques, such as X-ray methods and thermography. The Physical Chemistry part highlights the reaction kinetics and thermodynamics of various chemical reactions, including oxidation and polymerization, using thermogravimetry and calorimetry techniques. The following part focuses on mineral analysis using combined techniques of thermoanalytic-mass spectrometry and differential thermal analysis-thermogravimetry. The last part deals with the application of thermal analysis in applied sciences.