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Comparative Biochemistry V4

Comparative Biochemistry V4

Marcel Florkin


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Comparative Biochemistry: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume IV: Constituents of Life — Part B focuses on the distribution, biogenesis, and metabolism of cells and organisms.
Composed of various literature, the book first looks at the optical asymmetry of metabolites. The natural occurrence of D-amino acids and L-sugars; significance of purity; optical asymmetry and protein structure; and the relationship of optical asymmetry and cancer are discussed. The text also discusses structural studies on cellulose, starch, and glycogen; biochemistry of lignin formation; structure and localization of nucleic acids; and intraspecific and interspecific variations of protein molecules. The book considers the metabolism of aromatic amino acids, structural and chemical properties of keratin-forming tissues, sclerotization, and blood coagulation. The text further discusses metamorphosis and biochemical adaptation in amphibians. The importance of intrinsic tissue sensitivity in tadpoles; comparative morphological alterations; and the increase in serum albumin and serum protein are considered. The book focuses as well on the structure, distribution, and metabolism of porphyrins, pteridines, and carotenoids.
The selection is a good source of data for researchers wanting to study the distribution, biogenesis, and metabolism of cells and organisms.