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Chemistry of the Carbohydrates

Chemistry of the Carbohydrates

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood


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Chemistry of the Carbohydrates focuses on the compositions, chemical reactions, structures, and characteristics of carbohydrates.
The monograph first traces the development of carbohydrate chemistry, and then gives emphasis to general chemistry, nomenclature, and definitions. The book discusses the occurrences, properties, structures, and stereochemistry of monosaccharides. Structures of glucose and fructose; stereochemistry; ring structure of sugars; the sugars found in solutions; and synthetic sugars are considered. The monograph also looks at the properties, structures, and stereochemistry of esters, glycosides, full acetals, and thioacetals. The book proceeds with discussions on polyols, inositols, and compounds. Isomerization and representation of configurations; proofs of structure and configuration; and biochemistry are discussed. The monograph closes with the discussions on acids, oligosaccharides, glycosides, starches, and polysaccharides. The compositions, structures, and chemical reactions of these substances are noted.
The book can best serve the interest of readers, research workers, and graduate students who want to explore the compositions, properties, and chemical reactions of carbohydrates.