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Carotenoids as Colorants and Vitamin A Precursors

Carotenoids as Colorants and Vitamin A Precursors

G.F. Stewart | B.S. Schweigert | John Hawthorn | J. Christopher Bauernfeind


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Carotenoids as Colorants and Vitamin A Precursors: Technological and Nutritional Applications presents the application of carotenoids to food and to the feed of animals, poultry, fish, and birds. This book discusses the use of carotenoids in medicine, in the coloring of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, and their unique role as photoconductors.
Organized into 10 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the growing preference for natural-type colors in countries around the world. This text then examines the potential level of use of various carotenoids in a variety of foods. Other chapters consider the types of carotenoids that are added to the diet of aquatic animals, which should be selected according to the species because of varying biosynthetic capabilities and expected final pigment content. This book discusses as well the mechanisms that control the assimilation and absorption of some carotenoids. The final chapter deals with determination of vitamin A value.
This book is a valuable resource for industrial chemists and aquaculturists.