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Multicomputers and Image Processing

Multicomputers and Image Processing

Kendall Preston


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Multicomputers and Image Processing: Algorithms and Programs is the second of a set presenting papers from the third meeting held in Madison, Wisconsin on May 27-30, 1981. The workshop explores the large and powerful multicomputer arrays and networks, with particular emphasis on the related aspects of developing algorithms and programs for multicomputer architectures.
Separating 33 papers into chapters, this book reflects the three major aspects of the problem: user algorithms and programs; higher level languages; and multicomputer architectures. The first chapters present specific, larger structure, as well as whole program algorithms and their respective applications. Other chapters describe the important high-level programming of Fortran-based language for the massively parallel processors and the set-theory-based language for expressing the structural image processing and perceptual operations effected by Cytocomputer and other cellular-array-motivated architectures. The concluding chapters examine several major types of computer architectures that are being developed for large parallel-serial multicomputer systems.
This book is of great value to computer programmers and scientists.