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Applied Atomic Collision Physics

Applied Atomic Collision Physics

H.S.W. Massey


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Applied Atomic Collision Physics, Volume 1: Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry focuses on the applications of atomic collision physics in atmospheric physics and chemistry. The emphasis is on the physics of the upper atmospheres of the earth and planets as well as astrophysics, including solar physics, the physics of planetary nebulae, and reactions in interstellar space.
Comprised of 12 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the structure of the earth's atmosphere and its environment in interplanetary space, along with the structure of the terrestrial atmosphere at middle latitudes. The discussion then turns to the photochemistry of the midlatitude ionosphere; the thermal balance in the thermosphere at middle latitudes; atomic collisions in the lower ionosphere at midlatitudes; and airglow and auroras. Subsequent chapters explore the high latitude ionosphere, the exosphere, and the magnetosphere; the ionospheres of the planets and other bodies of the solar system; atmospheric processes involved in the stratospheric ozone problem; and solar physics. The final two chapters are concerned with applications to the physics of planetary nebulae and interstellar space.
This book will be of interest to physicists and chemists.