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Assembly Instructions for Nucleic Acid Models

Assembly Instructions for Nucleic Acid Models

Edward Barrett


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Assembly Instructions for Nucleic Acid Models describes the step-by-step instructions in building a single nucleotide using the Academic Press/Molecular Design Inc. (AP/MDI) models. This booklet also provides instructions for constructing models of the DNA-B (Watson-Crick), DNA-A, and the DNA-Z forms. This text illustrates the chemical composition and atom numbering system of the nucleotide unit, the fundamental building block of all nucleic acids. The framework components include the atomic pieces for phosphorous, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and the fused pieces that represent two bases and two furanose rings. Building models of the different nucleic acid structure involves adjustments of seven torsion angles; in the AP/MDI Molecular Model System, only six angles are adjusted. In constructing larger DNA structures, the operator assembles a series of nucleotide units. He should also be familiar with the seven torsion angles of these structures which are composed of six adjustable angles and the correct ring conformation. This guide also contains a table listing the torsion angles for several forms of DNA. This booklet is suitable for students in chemistry, new chemist practioners, professors in chemistry, as well as other researchers whose works involve some chemical investigations and experiments.