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Woody Plant Communities

Woody Plant Communities

T.T. Kozlowski


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Water Deficits and Plant Growth, Volume VI: Woody Plant Communities focuses on the water relations of woody plants in a community context.
Organized into eight chapters, this book begins with a quantitative overview of sources of water available to woody plants. Separate chapters follow that discuss the water relations of coniferous, temperate hardwood, and tropical and subtropical forests and woodlands; apple and citrus orchards; closely related woody plants; and tea plantations. For each of these plant communities, emphasis is placed on hydrological cycles; water use and transpiration; absorption of water; and effects of environmental factors on soil and plant water balance. The effects of water deficits on physiological processes; vegetative and reproductive growth; yield of harvested products; drought resistance; and cultural practices affecting plant water balance and yield are also emphasized in this book.
This volume will be useful to both researchers and those involved in the practice of growing woody plants for wood and fruit crops and for esthetic values.