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Social Insects V2

Social Insects V2

Henry Hermani


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Social Insects, Volume II is essentially a continuation and review of topics covered in Volume I. The main focus of this volume is on the systematic of eusocial hymenoptera and the closely associated realms of presocial insects and social non-insectan arthropods.
Consisting of five major chapters, this volume starts with the chapter on the enemies and defense mechanisms of termites. Several mechanisms are discussed in this chapter, such as defense by the nest, workers, and soldiers. Chapter 3 focuses on presocial insects and a comparison of parental care without nests and based on nests. Chapter 4 discusses the sociality of Arachnida and emphasizes the patterns and evolution of sociality in Arachnida, particularly spiders. Two chapters discuss the social hymenoptera, including its defensive mechanisms and its systematics.
This volume will be of great help to students and professionals in the field of entomology, biology, and zoology.