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Hazard Assessment of Chemicals

Hazard Assessment of Chemicals

Jitendra Saxena


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Hazard Assessment of Chemicals: Current Developments, Volume 1 is a comprehensive and authoritative account of major developments in hazard assessment of chemicals. In addition to subject reviews, this volume contains case histories of topical chemicals and/or chemical classes in order to show examples of the applications of available methods and approaches for evaluating chemicals. Primary and secondary sources of information on chemicals are considered, along with the environmental and health hazards associated with chemicals.
Comprised of 10 chapters, this volume begins with an assessment of information sources on toxic substances, followed by a discussion on pre-concentration of trace metals from aquatic environmental samples. Subsequent chapters focus on the reproductive toxicology of aquatic contaminants; partition coefficient and water solubility in environmental chemistry; in vitro metabolism and activation of chemical carcinogens; and modeling of toxic spills into waterways. Estimation of exposure to hazardous chemicals is also described, along with structure-activity relationships in hazard assessment. The final chapter presents a case study of azaarenes, with emphasis on their sources, distribution, environmental impact, and health effects.
This book will be of interest to toxicologists, chemists, and environmental and public health officials.