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Dynamic Analysis Of Open Economies

Dynamic Analysis Of Open Economies

Masanao Aoki


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Dynamic Analysis of Open Economies focuses on the dynamic behavior of open economies in general, and dynamic interactions among several interconnected economies in particular. The emphasis is on the techniques of dynamic analysis and on the dynamic responses of models of open economies.
This book is organized into three sections and consists of 15 chapters that examine how macroeconomic policy instruments affect open economies under flexible exchange rate regimes and the extent to which interdependence of national economies affects assessment of national policy effectiveness in a dynamic context. The behavior of open economies is analyzed not only at the instant of exogenous shocks or changes in instruments, but also after some time has elapsed since the last impacts. In considering the importance of dynamics, the book describes the behavior of a wide range of models and draws general conclusions. A set of techniques associated with variational analysis and perturbation theory is developed and systematically applied to models of open economies. This section also offers an analytical innovation for dealing with models of the world that are composed of several countries and demonstrates the usefulness of path controllability. The remaining chapters are devoted to models of small open economies and two- and multiple-country models of the world, paying particular attention to monetary policy and its distributional effects.
Students and practitioners of applied mathematics and econometrics will find this book extremely helpful.