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Biology of Conidial Fungi, Volume 1

Biology of Conidial Fungi, Volume 1

Garry T. Cole


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Biology of Conidial Fungi, Volume I covers the history, classification, distribution, and ecology of conidial fungi. Conidial fungi are anamorphic (asexual) fungi of presumed ascomycetous or basidiomycetous origin.
Organized into three parts encompassing 14 chapters, the book begins with a brief introduction to the history of conidial fungi. It then describes the systematics, classification, and taxonomy of a particular group of fungi, such as Hyphomycetes, Celomycete, conidial yeasts, and conidial lichen-forming fungi. The dimorphism and pleomorphism properties of these fungi are also examined. Significant topics on the general aspects of the soil, freshwater, marine, and aerial ecology of conidial fungi are considered in other chapters.
This volume is of value to researchers and advanced students who are interested in the basic aspects of conidial fungi.