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Optimal Expansion of a water Resources system

Optimal Expansion of a water Resources system

D.T. O'Laoghaire


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Optimal Expansion of a Water Resources System describes a methodology that can be used in water resources planning taking into account both water quantity and quality while still remaining computationally tractable. It is concerned with the optimal expansion of a realistic water resources system to meet an increasing demand for municipal and industrial use, irrigation, energy, and recreation over a planning horizon of Tmax years.
This book comprises six chapters, with an introductory chapter that discusses such topics as development of water resources, the systems approach to solving water resources problems, and techniques for the optimization of a water resources system. The following chapters then discuss formulating the problem of the optimal expansion of an existing water resources system; a procedure for solving the optimal expansion problem; and application of the optimization algorithm to a water resources system. The remaining chapters discuss the sensitivity of planning decisions in river basin management; and how to incorporate water quality and pollution considerations into the model of the water resources system.
This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of systems philosophy and water quantity studies.