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Optical Fiber Telecommunications

Optical Fiber Telecommunications

Stewart Miller


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Optical Fiber Telecommunications is organized so that it is understandable to a reader on the graduate level with no specialized knowledge of lightwave communication and yet provides a comprehensive treatment. The first two chapters give historical background, outline the detailed chapter organization, and lead the reader through the evolution of the new transmission medium.
This book comprises 21 chapters, and begins with the evolution of optical communications. Succeeding chapters then discuss objectives of early fibers; guiding properties of fibers; dispersion properties of fibers; and nonlinear properties of optical fibers. Other chapters cover fiber design considerations; fiber preform preparation; fiber drawing and control; coatings and jackets; fiber characterization; optical cable design; fiber splicing; optical fiber connectors; and optical sources.
This book will be of interest to students, scientists, and engineers in academic, industrial, and other institutions.