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Event-Related Brain Potentials in Man

Event-Related Brain Potentials in Man

Enoch Callaway


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Event-Related Brain Potentials in Man contains the proceedings of a conference held on April 26-29, 1977, and sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health in Rockville, Maryland to assess the field of event-related brain potential (ERP) research. The papers explore findings on ERPs in man in relation to the link between brain and behavior, brain functions, mental states, and drug interactions.
Organized into eight chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the functional neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of ERPs, along with their measurement. It then proceeds with a discussion of some applications of ERPs to patients with neurological and sensory impairment, the use of ERPs to analyze sensation as well as perception and attention, the endogenous components of the ERP, the ERP correlates of psychopathology, and the event-related brain potentials across the life span. The reader is also introduced to ethical issues regarding ERPs, with reference to the history of encephalography. An epilogue assessing the increased status and maturity of the ERP field, along with uncharted territories and future prospects, concludes the book.
This book will be of interest to scientists and clinical investigators working in biological sciences, neuropsychology, psychiatry, and neurology.