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Housing of Animals

Housing of Animals

A. Maton | J. Daelemans | J. Lambrecht


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Animal husbandry plays an increasingly important role throughout the world in the fulfillment of the primary need of mankind: food. The growing demand for food leads to an intensification of the production of livestock and because of the varying climatic conditions in many parts of the world, livestock has to be housed in suitable accommodation during certain times of the year.
This book brings together a descriptive as well as a scientific study of all aspects of the housing of all animals; construction of and building materials to be used for the houses and facilities; work organisation and labour requirements in different types of animal houses; the influence of the animal housing types on animal behaviour, animal health and the environment and the cost of building the accommodation.
This English-language edition is a new text of the last edition of the book, which was written in Dutch, in 1983. A great deal of recent information of international dimension concerning animal husbandry, construction and equipment of animal houses has been included in this edition. The book has also been updated with the latest scientific and technological findings on this subject published in 1983 and 1984.
Agricultural engineers, veterinary surgeons, architects, students, progressive farmers and anyone interested in the housing of animals should find much to interest them in this book.
The eminently qualified authors of this book have made a tremendous effort to embrace all their knowledge, research and practical experience to create a complete manual of housing for farm animals. They have made a marked contribution to the advancement of sound design and construction and the efficient functioning of animal structures in Europe.
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