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Rapidly Quenched Metals

Rapidly Quenched Metals

S Steeb


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Rapidly Quenched Metals, Volume I covers the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Rapidly Quenched Metals, held in Wurzburg, Germany on September 3-7, 1984. The book focuses on amorphous and crystalline metals formed by rapid quenching from the melt.
The selection first covers the scope and trends of developments in rapid solidification technology, rapid solidification, and undercooling of liquid metals by rapid quenching. Discussions focus on experimental method, powders, strip, particulate production, consolidation, and alloys and alloy systems. The text then examines the solidification of undercooled liquid alloys entrapped in solid; crystallization kinetics in undercooled droplets; and grain refinement in bulk undercooled alloys.
The manuscript tackles the undercooling of niobium-germanium alloys in a 100 meter drop tube; influence of process parameters on the cooling rate of the meltspinning process; and the mechanism of ribbon formation in melt-spun copper and copper-zirconium. The formation and structure of thick sections of rapidly-solidified material by incremental deposition and production of ultrafine dispersions of rare earth oxides in Ti alloys using rapid solidification are also mentioned.
The selection is a valuable reference for physicists, chemists, physical metallurgists, and engineers.