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The Acoustic Reflex

The Acoustic Reflex

Shlomo Silman


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The Acoustic Reflex discusses the acoustic reflex - its magnitude in differential diagnosis, threshold, latency, and other related topics.
The book covers different topics such as the neurophysiological basis of the acoustic middle-ear reflex and its characteristics; impedance concepts relating to it; and theories of middle-ear muscle function. The text also encompasses the evaluation of the response time of acoustic-immittance instruments; the contralateral acoustic-reflex threshold and its application for prediction of hearing loss; the magnitude and growth of the acoustic; the ipsilateral acoustic reflex; and the acoustic reflex latency.
The monograph is recommended for clinicians and researchers in audiology, deaf education, hearing science, neurology, otolaryngology, physiology, and psychology. The book will also serve as a reference text in a course on impedance.