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Adsorption From Solution

Adsorption From Solution

R. H. Ottewill | C.H. Rochester | A.L. Smith


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Adsorption From Solution discusses the significance of adsorption behavior in thermodynamic terms, with emphasis on the interplay between enthalpic and entropic contributions to the free energy. This book examines the role of simple models and of elementary thermodynamic and statistical mechanical arguments in relation to the concept of surface phase.
Organized into 22 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the theoretical model for the solid/liquid interface. This text then proceeds with a discussion of the general thermodynamic treatment of adsorption from mixed solvents, which is designed to apply in situations where adsorbed species may be regarded as distinct from their bulk counterparts. Other chapters discuss the adsorption from solutions of various interfaces of liquid/gas, liquid/liquid, or liquid/solid. The final chapter deals with the roles of adsorption from solution in controlling other phenomena, such as liquid–liquid displacement, wetting, and the forces between colloidal particles.
Physicists, chemists, and materials scientists will find this book extremely useful.